The Harbingers

Things happened....

We headed out to the pond.

Once we were on our way we came upon some strange birds with axe’s for beaks.

We discussed a plan to possibly start a stampede and draw out a boulet. The plan doesn’t seem to go through.

We go around these animals.

We carry on and come across an unnatural tree. Balasar investigated it and determined it is a hallowed out husk of bark. Very unfortunate tree that has been through a lot.

We decided to investigate the tree. Inside, in the middle, was a little tiny saproling growing. And then, the spider came. We defeated the spider and I prepared the saporling with a ring of leaves to use as growth.

We came across a woman who was screaming for her life because a boulet was following her. We fought the boulet and we defeated it.

We carried on and got to the blue bonnet’s. There were weird chickens there. We killed the chickens and gathered the flowers.

We are leaving now to break camp far from this place.


Macross2020 chantal_elysia

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