The Harbingers

Sometime much later

Talk to Captain Heart. He knows more about the orcs.

Large imposing silver scaled dragon born is Heart. He is wearing green and yellow.

People in this city don’t like adventurers. The orcs are making regular raids against the outlying towns.

The western plains are home to 3 orc tribes who have been at war with each other. One of the tribes went missing so the other two have joined forces and are causing more problems.

The blood tooth tribe is the ruthless tribe and they have merged with the bone crackers. They follow the local deity of ol gorrath. Spike hides, the south western tribe, has disappeared.

There is no evidence to suggest that the Spike Hides have definitely disappeared. There is no evidence of them being killed or defeated. Don’t try to be peaceful, it will not work.

Hamlet of Wheatbrooke 2.5 hours to the south west by carriage. The Spike Hides travel around.

Boulet is dealt with by letting them eat shit till they go away.

Brenna is our contact for this event.

Uncle Philippe the apothecary.

Wagon Master Flint Marrytale. Stella and Pella haven’t seen Frenmogg. Frenmogg is missing.

Stella will put word in with the guards to look for him.

Congregation sitting in the middle of the road. There is a note on it. The note reads, we need to find a relic and bathe it in my deities virtues.

We started on our way. The wheel broke while we were on our way. We came across a Boulet dead with dead orcs around it. Halfling Flint hates Boulets.

In the distance we saw birds take off and dirt flying through the air. We’re 14 hours into the journey and we come across a small outpost. A watchtower and a small cabin.

Skeletons re-enact a battle. Illigitamate son of the king battled against General Frostemane. They re-enact a battle every 3rd Monday. It’s treated as a sacred ground.

Lilly gave me an idea. Maybe a seed would be a good choice for a talisman.

We are at Wheatbrooke. They have good beer and bread.

Scout Brenna is the one that we are supposed to meet and he wants to get out of the hamlet.


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