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The smell of smoked tobacco and strong ale fills the air, joined in with a chorus of voices that ring out in a confused and garbled melody. The many patrons of the Strong Arm Inn enter the establishment to drink, eat, rest and seek employment. Each person a unique individual with their own story to tell. However, the hustle and bustle of the tavern do little to draw your attention away from the fresh notice on the community board. On finely printed parchment, unusual from the weathered pages that normally grace the board, sits a job notice that reads:

“Seeking men and women of strong will and high courage to accompany a relic hunting expedition into the Black Lake Marsh. Applicants must be able to fend for themselves as well as look after the safety and welfare of the expedition. Ruins believed to hold artifacts of power and lost fortunes. Please submit a letter of intent via the Pathfinder’s guild if interested. Pay is comparable to the dangers you will be facing and a cut of the loot will be given as additional compensation for your services. There is a possibility of danger, so serious applicants only.”

Welcome to the Harbringers: Act 1 campaign. Whatever your character’s motivation for taking this assignment, whether it be riches, power, knowledge, adventure or curiosity, please make sure that your character is designed with the intent to take on this assignment. You can choose where to go from here, but for sake of starting this adventure off, for whatever personal reasons your PC (player character) has, they will apply for this job. Below will be a listing of the Campaign settings (the world in which this adventure takes place as well as some background of the various regions), People of Note (a breakdown of major NPCs that the group has run into or high political figures that indirectly affect the story), Quests (active quests or potential hints and story arcs), and the Archive (list of additional information that can be shared with the group regarding back stories, personal achievements, deceased characters, etc). Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the campaign setting before deciding on your characters.

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