The Harbingers

Things happened....

We headed out to the pond.

Once we were on our way we came upon some strange birds with axe’s for beaks.

We discussed a plan to possibly start a stampede and draw out a boulet. The plan doesn’t seem to go through.

We go around these animals.

We carry on and come across an unnatural tree. Balasar investigated it and determined it is a hallowed out husk of bark. Very unfortunate tree that has been through a lot.

We decided to investigate the tree. Inside, in the middle, was a little tiny saproling growing. And then, the spider came. We defeated the spider and I prepared the saporling with a ring of leaves to use as growth.

We came across a woman who was screaming for her life because a boulet was following her. We fought the boulet and we defeated it.

We carried on and got to the blue bonnet’s. There were weird chickens there. We killed the chickens and gathered the flowers.

We are leaving now to break camp far from this place.

Sometime much later

Talk to Captain Heart. He knows more about the orcs.

Large imposing silver scaled dragon born is Heart. He is wearing green and yellow.

People in this city don’t like adventurers. The orcs are making regular raids against the outlying towns.

The western plains are home to 3 orc tribes who have been at war with each other. One of the tribes went missing so the other two have joined forces and are causing more problems.

The blood tooth tribe is the ruthless tribe and they have merged with the bone crackers. They follow the local deity of ol gorrath. Spike hides, the south western tribe, has disappeared.

There is no evidence to suggest that the Spike Hides have definitely disappeared. There is no evidence of them being killed or defeated. Don’t try to be peaceful, it will not work.

Hamlet of Wheatbrooke 2.5 hours to the south west by carriage. The Spike Hides travel around.

Boulet is dealt with by letting them eat shit till they go away.

Brenna is our contact for this event.

Uncle Philippe the apothecary.

Wagon Master Flint Marrytale. Stella and Pella haven’t seen Frenmogg. Frenmogg is missing.

Stella will put word in with the guards to look for him.

Congregation sitting in the middle of the road. There is a note on it. The note reads, we need to find a relic and bathe it in my deities virtues.

We started on our way. The wheel broke while we were on our way. We came across a Boulet dead with dead orcs around it. Halfling Flint hates Boulets.

In the distance we saw birds take off and dirt flying through the air. We’re 14 hours into the journey and we come across a small outpost. A watchtower and a small cabin.

Skeletons re-enact a battle. Illigitamate son of the king battled against General Frostemane. They re-enact a battle every 3rd Monday. It’s treated as a sacred ground.

Lilly gave me an idea. Maybe a seed would be a good choice for a talisman.

We are at Wheatbrooke. They have good beer and bread.

Scout Brenna is the one that we are supposed to meet and he wants to get out of the hamlet.

Sometime later...

Orcs. Fight. Win.

Following 3 people. Drow, Gnome, and Old Man.

They want to close the portal. Dicks.

Walking through the forest, trap! Figured it out. No one died.

Walking through the forest, screaming trees?! Figured it out. No one died.

Walking through the forest, found pixie’s taken out (not killed). Saved them. They gave us a badge for defeating the gym master.

Walking through the forest, found water with pretty rocks.

Walking through the forest, found small child. Object loving dragon finds this creepy.

Fairy Dragon was playing tricks. Gave him the badge. He showed us the way.

Giant mushrooms ruining everything. The people are talking.

Drow looked at us and smiled. Robed figure spreading spores.

They were bantering back and forth. They called us out!

They want to talk.

Go to Holme and ask for Cameron. Azmorn is the Gnome.

Really bad boars. They’re coming for us! I wanna kill them.

Day 6

Object loving dragon didn’t like what Rorick did.

Everyone is hard to cheer up.

Convinced Fey to leave because they don’t need to die.

Large pretty trees stay behind.

Stupid twigs come and attack.

Large pretty trees destroy stupid twigs and vines.

Large pretty trees made a path and we follow… or stalk in my case.

One of the three pretty trees is getting it’s ass… bark…. roots? kicked?

Object loving dragon said he thinks that the other one turned into a bad guy and they’re letting him have it. No. Bro. Love.

One tree got away probably sick. Sad days.

The forest went silly and I got turned around.

Lilly said her peeps are back.

We see a pixie and also a sprite. He has a bow.

Stoic dragon explains things. Much better talker than object loving dragon.

I say nice things to the fey and they listen. They’re totally being controlled.

We decide to take Rorick to them because they sent a group to basically warn the bad guy that we were coming.

We arrive. Meet the lady. She goes crazy.

Storyteller comes out.

Damien. Harbinger.

Harbingers came to the forest to fix things.

Rorick part of harbinger group that Damien tried to break up.

Damien growing tree for the Dryad.

We’re leaving Rorick with him.

We’re following him to where the kids are. We’re going to talk to the townsfolk and make them leave.

We have children now!! They’re adorable and we’re having fun.

They love to play tic tac toe. I told them stories of my gods. They like the forest like I do.

The others are talking to Damien which is not as fun as these kids. They’re adorable!

The boy is really interested in bugs and the girl really likes flowers. We talked about how my gods love those things too. I told them about the bugs and flowers where I’m from. Did some drawings using sticks in the sand.

I’m not a great artist.

Took the kids back to the village.

Day 5
They're Organized!

Object loving dragon talking to Rorick.

Rorick doesn’t remember bag.

Doesn’t remember fighting storyteller.

Rorick says it’s not safe where we are. Has a pad for hanging out.

We’re going to it because reasons. Doesn’t seem like he’s suspicious.

Asked for scrolls. They’re napkins. Scribbles all over them.

He can’t remember anything. He thinks it’s been 2 days.

Picture of dudes at Kantan in locket.

The best thing to avoid mind games is to think about things.

Lilly doesn’t want to touch Rorick’s mind.

Object loving dragon persuaded Rorick to let Lilly touch his brain.

Rorick totally poisoned the things.

Lilly looked at his brain and saw holes.

Trying to convince Lilly story teller is bad.

Lilly doesn’t remember where the tree went.

Trying to have Lilly and Rorick come with to attack the story teller.

We’re sleeping now.

Not sleeping. Object loving dragon freaked out. Just pixie’s.

Pixie’s say “kill the rorick or you die”

Rorick pulls on cord and makes ringing sound and now… bad stuff may be coming.

Day 4
Dat River do

Oh look! River! But that means no more tracks.

Rope was tied to tree. Not any more. No way across.

Object loving Dragon shot an arrow. Grabbed the rope across the way.

He needs some more confidence. He’s a downer.

Found an alchemist bag thing with poison in it. No spices.

Waterfall path is cool. Walked back to no bridge spot to see what we could see.

Rope was suspension bridge but it’s icky now.

Guess what! We’re following Rorick for sure.

Tracks head off north so off we go!

Pretty forest got all gloomy and not fun again… that sucks.

Stoic dragon found Fey. They talked to us. Told us to stop.

One stayed. Talked to us. She’s been lied to by “the story teller”

The Harbinger of bad stuff has messed with the Dryad and her thoughts.

Talking to Lilly. Lilly wants to help us but doesn’t trust us.

The tree the Dryad was bound to is missing and she’s going nutso.

Rorick is only a day away. We’re outside of the story teller’s ability to mind control.

Poison pack is useless. Object loving Dragon found a locket.

Time to sleep.

The sticks are attacking. Hopefully I don’t get blown up again.

Stoic dragon almost died. I saved him.

Lilly helped. Stoic dragon angrily blew things up. Needs anger management.

Weird cloaked figure showed up. Lilly said it was “the death”. That means we found Rorick. Winning.

Need more sleep. Out of spells. Got hurt… ow.

Day 3
Rorick knows best!?!?!?!?!?

Following the tracks of Rorick… maybe Rorick….

The forest is dying on our way. Random death of forest life everywhere. Messing up the ecosystem.

The darkness is upon us! The canopy is looking funny.

Wolves. They’re what’s for dinner. No wait…. WE’RE what’s for dinner.


I apparently have the hammer of deception… Smacked a wolf. It bit its friend. Crazy.

Stoic dragon blew me. No wait that’s not right… he blew me UP!

Wolves ate something nasty. Made the weird object loving dragon guy poisoned.

Kept walking.

Made camp. My watch first. Nothing happened.

Stoic dragon made object loving dragon guy better.

Day 2
We're going to the giant green squiggly

Woke up to crazy mobs. Kids missing.

Everyone talks too much. Stoic Dragon speaks up and offers himself as tribute.

Women, children, and elders peacing out.

Elder drew awesome detailed map to the giant green squiggly area.

Spirit of the forest is a Dryad. In tight with the chief. Someone may have touched it’s grove in the wrong place.

1.5 days to squiggly. Rorick went missing within the far north depths of the green squiggly.

Stupid harbinger who appeared 15 months ago fucked things up.

Hit up the shop before we go for major swag.

Look for the fags. Burnt sticks.

We are looking for Rorick 2 days to the North West and the Northern Shrine 1.5 days to the north following the path.

The squiggly has evil twig things and we don’t get anywhere. Walking for an hour but actually 2 hours. We decide to go off the path towards where Rorick was.

The rogue stole the congregation’s clothes. He apparently likes inanimate objects…. sexually.

Let’s not get lost by tying pieces of cloth to bushes.

We are awesome at killing stick things. Wood exploding everywhere!!! No homo.

Found non-stick foot prints. Next time on Dragon Ball Z!

Day 1
Being naked is Okay

We’ve come to a beautiful forest

Rorick Stead has the instructions and has gone missing and been missing for a couple days.

When people go out into the forest to hunt some do not return and those that went out with them forget that they even existed. This happens more towards the evening.

Missing patrol, head dude is screaming at his subordinates like a dick. Stuff’s going missing, things on the outskirts of town, like a horse and wagon.

They want to cut down the trees.

Kalith interested youth.

Afflictions are the spirits being restless.

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