Welcome to the Harbingers Campaign.

I will be your host for this exciting tale of adventure, tragedy, comedy and romance. The Harbingers campaign takes place in the realm of Aimos (eye-mohs), on a parallel plane that has newly formed over the last dozen centuries. Your characters can be any alignment you wish as long as the general alignment of the group is close. This means if the group is primarily Lawful Good, you cannot have a Chaotic Evil player, however Lawful Evil and Chaotic Good are allowed.

Each of you were once great legends in your own world/time. Whether you were great leaders, phenomenal fighters or masters of your arts, arcane or craft, that is for you to decide. Your death was a loss and tragedy for your world, but it was not the end for you. At your time of death, your spirit passed between the edge of reality and dipped into a demi-plane, called there by a divine force.

You open your eyes to find yourself in the presence of a multitude of beings, no two looking similar. A man-scorpion stands side by side a Sphinx while an eyeless giant looks on. Creatures and beings of all shapes and sizes have gathered into this brightly lit celestial hall. All of their focus is placed solely upon you. You and the others, for you find you are not alone. A number of other mortals are regaining consciousness at the same time. Just as you feel the desire to speak, a voice like glass chimes echoes though the halls.

“Welcome, mortals,” the feminine voice calls out. As the sound carries out across the hall, it reverberates back, leading you to look at a blue-skinned humanoid being who has emerged from the collected mass. “Welcome, to the Halls of the Stars. I, Lyrica of the Soft Spoken, stand before you in reverence.”

The being, clothed only in a light white silken shawl bows to you. “Allow me to alleviate some questions and confusion. You are currently in a demi-plane fashioned between the planes. Using our combined powers, we have brought you here at the time of your demise. Some of you died in the midst of heroic actions that will change your worlds for generations to come. Some of you walked the path of your life to the end and accomplished much. Each of you are exemplar examples of the worlds you come from. Yet those journeys are over. Your lives have ended and the only thing left to you is a choice.”

“You may be wondering who we are. To put it simply, we are known as demi-gods. We are not quite minor deities, but more than just mortal. We are immortal and much like you, we were elevated to our position through our feats and deeds. But immortality alone can be a woeful existence. We do not have enough power to ascend to godhood, yet do not wish to merely fade from life as mortals do. We wish for more. That is where you come in.”

The pantheon of gods exist and rule over the planes, tapping into the spiritual energy that each plane possesses. But this spiritual energy is not infinite. Each plane has an allotment of energy in it that can be claimed. The ruling pantheon monopolizes that energy to maintain their planes and godhood. But even the planes are not eternal, however. Every thousand millennium, a plane may suffer and die. Several more thousand millennium and a new plane will form to take its place. The time for this occurrence has happened and a new plane has been called into existence. In the matter or several centuries, the plane will begin to meld into the other planes and become a part of the many planes out there. At that time, the gods will tap into its spiritual power and draw upon it anew."

“What we seek to do is establish a number of ourselves on that plane before it merges with the other planes. We plan to take the spiritual energy and use it to become minor gods and when the planes merge, we can then begin wrestling power from the ruling pantheon. We need your help to accomplish this, however. Because the plane is isolated and we have very little power, we cannot actively influence this new plane. Thankfully, neither can the major deities.”

“What we can do is give you new bodies and put you on this plane. Once their, you can spread our influence across the realms. As you do that, our power will grow and we will begin to gain the ability to influence the plane more and more. This can be done by performing deeds in our name, amassing and sanctifying objects of power to us and gathering and raising worshipers. How you go about doing it is your choice, but we will offer aid and guidance when we can.”

“The choice I spoke of is simple. You can choose to go to sleep. To pass from this world and journey to the planes of your deities, in which case you will not remember any of this. Or, you can choose to live again. Pick one from among us to serve. Each of us stand for something, an ideal, a principal or truth. You can pick who you serve and we will send you to the plane to gain them glory. As adventurers, you know there is strength in numbers, so we will match you with like-minded individuals who bring their own service and skills to your aid. You will help each other attain your goals and in turn grant us power.”

“The choice, mortals, is yours…”

The Harbingers

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